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Why we made this

Most people with body odour feel insecure about themselves, and we
have faced the same issue too.

But with verinatural unique formulation, you can successfully prevent body odour and gain your confidence again.

Ideal for

  • Normal skin
  • People with strong body odour
  • 10-12 hours protection

How to use

  1. Scoop a pea size of cream with your finger.
  2. Gently apply the cream to the entire underarm.
  3. Go about your day, odor free.


Corn Starch, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Pure Sodium Bicarbonate, White
Clay, Shea Butter, Jojoba oil, Candelilla Wax, Vegetable Glycerin,
Essential Oil, Vitamin E Oil

What to expect

  • 1 minute: Immediately no body odour
  • 1 week: Maximum benefits kick in
  • 3 months: You can see sweat reduction
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  • Control underarm pH

    To make a condition where it is impossible for bacteria to cause body odour on your underarm.

  • Absorb moisture

    Relying on kaolin clay, verinatural deodorant able to absorb underarm moisture. Making you feel fresh and comfortable.

  • Powerful ingredients

    verinatural deodorants are made from shea butter, coconut oil and Vitamin E (sunflower) which is beneficial to our skin in general.

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