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Limited Edition - Mango Vanilla Smoothie Body Mist

Limited Edition - Mango Vanilla Smoothie Body Mist

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Why Mango Vanilla Scent?

You might recall the immense support for our Watermelon Lemonade scent – completely sold out within just a month!

So, we were on the hunt for something equally special.

'Why not introduce a deodorant cream with a sweet mango scent?' Just picture it: your underarms, smelling like sweet, ripe mangoes!

Proudly, verinatural is the ONLY ONE in the world to bring you this unique scent in a natural deodorant.

  • World 1st Mango Vanilla scented deodorant

  • The scent that will make your friends curious

  • Elevate your mood with sweet & calming scent

  • Tested & tried: long and lasting scent

verinatural provide extra guarantees

100% Money-Back Guarantee

No Harmful Ingredients Guarantee

12-Hour Odour Protection Guarantee

Gentle on Sensitive Skin Guarantee

Non-Staining Guarantee

Scent Satisfaction Guarantee

Save More During The 1 Day Pre-Launch

Why limited to 500 units only?

To control the scent's quality, we can only produce 500 units, which is essential to ensure the scent's consistency.

Grab your's now. This scent is not coming back!

Scent Description?

How People Describe Mango Vanilla Smoothie Scent?

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