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A deodorant for all levels of body odour

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Do You Have These Problems?

You tried not to sweat a lot. Because you feel like once you sweat, you will start to smell.


Neglecting physical activity

You try not to move too much or neglect heavy physical activity. This way, you can prevent sweating that will result in body odour.


Stay indoors

You try to stay in an air-conditioned room so you can stay cool. If you're cool, there will be no sweat or body odour.


Lack of self-confidence

Your current deodorant is not effective anymore in preventing you from body odour. Sometimes, you feel insecure about meeting people.

We've been in your shoes before...until we found a solution to body odour.

Introducing All-New & Improved Veri Natural Mini Deodorant

Long-Lasting Natural Deodorant For All Levels Of Body Odour

Veri Natural deodorants are suitable for all levels of body odour. Our new formulation focused specifically on 2 types of body odour: strong and mild. Both kinds of deodorant formulations work differently to solve each body odour issue.

1) Extra Strength Natural Deodorant Cream (Mini Size)

Key highlights:

  • No body odour in 8-12 hours
  • For strong body odour
  • New: With vitamin E (skin softener)
  • For 1 month+ usage (20g)

2) Mild/Sensitive Skin Natural Deodorant Cream (Mini Size)

Key highlights:

  • No body odour in 6-8 hours
  • For sensitive skin or normal body odour
  • New: With vitamin E (skin softener)
  • For 1 month+ usage (20g)

Full Comparison

ItemsExtra Strength Mini Deodorant CreamMild Mini Deodorant Cream
Control Odour8-12 hours6-8 hours
100% Natural & Plant BasedYesYes
Side Effect or RashesNoNo
Area of UseSafe for whole body & underarmSafe for whole body & underarm
Suitable ForPeople with strong body odourSensitive skin, people with normal or no body odour
Stain ClothesNoNo
Available scentTea Tree Lemon, Rose Vanilla, Grapefruit BergamotPeppermint Eucalyptus
Deodorant formCreamCream
Sweat ReductionYes, after 4 weeks of daily applicationYes, after 4 weeks of daily application
Enhanced with vitamin E oilYes, vitamin E could improve your overall underarm skinYes, vitamin E could improve your overall underarm skin

Why Deodorant Cream?

After 5 years in deodorant industry, we are convinced that deodorant cream is the most effective way to solve body odour. Unlike other forms, like deodorant sticks, roll-ons or sprays, you can't control the optimum amount and area during application. Yes, they are convenient, but by far, cream-type deodorant is the best in preventing body odour. And this is why we are confident to offer our customers a full money-back guarantee + RM2 because we know that cream-type deodorant could deliver a result!

Don't know which to choose?

1) If you have a strong body odour when you sweat, then Extra Strength Natural Deodorant Cream is for you.

2) If you have sensitive skin or have a normal or no body odourwhen you sweat, Mild/Sensitive Skin Natural Deodorant Cream is for you.

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Improving deodorant effectiveness

Provide a clean base for deodorant application, an underarm detox can help improve the effectiveness of natural deodorants.

Softer underarm

Underarm detox could make your underarm softer & smoother. At the same time maintaining underarm skin's health

Why choose us?

Long-lasting deodorant for all levels of body odour

We formulated our deodorants to solve both strong or normal body odour

Money Back Guarantee + RM2

As said above, our only goal is to help you reduce the body odour.

Helped thousands of Malaysians

Joined thousands of Malaysians regain their self-confidence back.


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