From Engineering To Natural Deodorant


Syaiful Afzal and Saifullah met when they were working as engineers in a manufacturing company. The job nature requires people to be physically active. Even with a fully air-conditioned working space, they observed that people were still sweating, and body odor became an issue. They thought it is impossible that everyone with body odor are the people who doesn’t use deodorants. Maybe their deodorant just doesn’t work on them like it does on other people. And it must be killing on the inside if you have body odor, but you can’t do anything about it. And there must be reasons to the ineffectiveness.

If regular deodorants don’t work on people with body odor, what do these people need? A rather stronger chemical compound to fight the smell? It sure sounds scary. They then realize instead of going for strong chemicals, they should instead believe in the power of nature.

There are 3 main problems with commercial deodorants that Veri Natural think they could solve with natural ingredients:
1) Does not kill or prevent odor for some people
2) Questionable compounds and ingredients
3) Leaving stain on clothes

In 2016, having thought that main stream deodorants give no hope for people with body odor, Syaiful & Saifullah finally decided to produce a natural deodorant and challenge themselves to create a problem-solving product. They started off with research for good natural ingredients, making hundreds of batches of prototypes while handing out samples to close friends and stranger gym-goer to test out the effectiveness until they finally settle for the current recipe they call Veri Natural Deodorant cream, which at that time was a new form of deodorants for most Malaysians.

Because of their effort in researching the natural deodorant, they started to be recognized by the media. They have been featured in multiple media agency :

  1. Go Travel Asia - April 2018 Issue
  2. CLEO Malaysia - April 2018 Issue
  3. NTV7's Feel Good Show - July 16, 2018
  4. Sinar Harian - September 3, 2018
  5. Kosmo - October 7, 2018


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