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5 Tips To Prevent Nervous Sweat Odor

Nervous. It’s inevitable that we all experience nervous situations and stress. Here are some tips that will help you stay odor-free, even through the most stressful situations!



1. Wear anatural fabric. This is very important as rayon/polyester will smell like crazy as it loves to hold odor.  Your best option is to wear cotton or bamboo under your clothes to help absorb excess moisture.


2. Prepare your skin with an odor-eliminating soap to create a barrier on the surface of your skin before you apply the deodorant this leaves a residue on your armpit that will help to keep it bacteria free before you apply your deodorant.


3. Practice deep breathing/meditationbefore a stressful situation to help relax your blood vessels and to lower blood pressure.


4. Stay hydrated! Your body produces sweat when you’re dehydrated to help regulate your body’s temperature.


5. Watch what you eat!Onions, garlic and spices will add to the situation, so stay away from these type of foods until you are in the clear!